Most women think that men don’t really care about compliments. Here is the kicker… they do! Especially once you get married. Husbands love being praised and feeling appreciated. It is another way of telling them you love them and you are into him. Also, it lets him know that his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. So, next time you are thinking of doing something sweet for your hubby, try these four things.


Put a special note in his wallet.

Let him know that you love the way he provides. You could even give an example of how his financial choses add value to your family. For example, talk about the memories you made on a vacation trip you took together.


Flirt With Your Husband…

Then take it to the next level. Blow kisses. Bat your eyelashes. Whisper something sweet in his ear. He will enjoy that. Then hit him with a double dose by complimenting him or what you are attracted to on him physically the most.


Babe, I love when you work out at the gym. It makes me feel safe and protect.


Or …


Honey, I see your hard work paying off at the gym. I love your muscles. Can you flex for me?


See how that goes? Just remember that we are not responsible for any babies that are conceived following these actions. Ha ha.


Check Out His Style.

Does he match your fly? If so let him know. Tell him what shirt or pants you love to see him wear around the house. Maybe even have him get dressed just to check the mailbox because you like his style… Ok, maybe take him to the bar at least. No need to waste a whole outfit. You get the drift though.  Don’t like his style? Welp, here is the perfect opportunity to slip some new garments into his wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to treat your man.


Compliment His Character

Now with this compliment, I am going to just go out on a limb here and assume since you married him this will work. How is your husband’s character? Are there things that he stands for? Do you like those things? I’m sure you respect the fact that he has morals and values. If you like how he carries himself and represents his family let him know. If you like the way he is leading the family, tell him. Not just with words, but through actions as well.  Remember ladies you both are on the same team.


I know, I know, he may not be doing what you like. However, put yourself in his shoes. I’m almost certain that he feels the same way. There are things that you do that he may not agree with. This is not the point. The purpose of this is to let him know that you see him as an individual and you like how your marriage and family get to witness it firsthand. It keeps the butterflies going. If any of these tips helped slice up your marriage, let us know in the comment section. If you really like it, don’t be afraid to share it. We want to see you too. Post a picture on Instagram and use to hashtag #wifestyleliving. We’d love to celebrate you and your marriage.

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